procuring goods & services from trusted suppliers Centrally

Providing Best Value

Procurement Service.

Our main focus is to get the best value for each school in our trust equally by procuring goods and services from trusted suppliers that can provide the best for us! Liaising across all 8 schools and each department in Matrix Head Office we can collaborate and innovate together.

Our effective procurement strategies lead to cost savings through negotiations, bulk purchasing, and supplier management within the trust. By obtaining goods and services at competitive prices, the trust can help schools get the best value and receive some high cost savings from reputable suppliers. Becoming part of a ‘trust’ contract will give each individual schools the financial benefit of bigger discounts which some schools have already received.

Providing Best Value Without Exception.

Efficiency & Productivity

Creating trust-wide contracts and streamlining the process of procurement increases the efficiency within the trust. Rather than each school individually entering the procurement cycle, this is centralised and the cycle will only need to be completed once for the service we require. This is a major benefit as it can minimise manual workload and potential errors.

Supplier Relationship Management

Within the trust, we are able to build strong relationships with suppliers that is effective for all schools. Good relationships can lead to better collaboration, improved communication, and potential long-term partnerships, which can positively impact the overall efficiency of the supply for each school individually.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Decisions in procurement for the trust can impact on our environmental and social footprint. By considering sustainable and socially responsible suppliers, we can help achieve our trusts sustainability goal and align our environmental objectives across all schools within the trust.

Managing Contracts

Managing contracts centrally is beneficial for the schools in the trust as it is more time effective and will decrease multiple documents being produced from one supplier, therefore becoming easier to manage. The Procurement department can ensure that the contract has followed the financial procedures and can be produced at any time for auditor reviews. With the contract being reviewed in detail, this gives the trust an advantage as we are able to request amendments in the supplier’s terms and conditions that can lead in the trusts favour. When paperwork is to be completed and returned by a certain deadline, the Procurement team are able to make sure it is complete which takes additional pressure of the schools.

Average Example Savings Per Year