streamlined financial processes empowering school leaders to make informed decisions to drive educational excellence.


Streamlined Processes

Our centralised finance service is tailored to streamline financial processes, enhance transparency, and empower school leaders to make informed decisions that drive educational excellence. Implementing a centralised finance system offers our schools a variety of benefits:

Our finance team allows for standardisation and consistency across all schools within the trust. This streamlines processes such as budgeting, procurement, invoicing, and reporting, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Improved Financial Oversight

Our finance service provides greater visibility and control over finances. Leaders can easily monitor budgets, track expenditures, and analyse financial performance across departments, enabling timely interventions and strategic decision-making. We also facilitate long-term financial planning and forecasting enabling leaders to allocate resources more effectively.

Cost Efficiency

By consolidating financial operations, our schools can achieve cost savings through economies of scale. Centralised purchasing power enables bulk buying discounts, reducing overall expenditure on goods and services. You can read about our procurement service HERE.

Risk Mitigation

Our finance systems help mitigate financial risks by enforcing consistent financial policies and procedures across the trust and take away the burden from school level. This minimises the likelihood of errors, fraud, or non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

Compliance and Accountability

Our centralised systems help ensure compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements. By maintaining a centralised repository of financial records and audit trails, we can demonstrate accountability to stakeholders.

Overall, our finance department offers our schools greater efficiency, transparency, and control over financial operations, enabling them to focus more resources on improving educational outcomes for our pupils.




Management, Accounts & Reporting

  • Budget Reports
  • Variances and queries
  • Grant Information
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Intercompany and Recharging
  • Management Accounts

Accounts Receivable

  • Online Payments
  • Trips
  • Letting Income
  • Debtors

Accounts Payable

  • Online Ordering
  • Automated Purchasing and Authorising Process
  • Supplier Payments