Matrix 'Far From Home'

Sweden, Italy, Peru

We are delighted to announce that, for the third year running, Matrix Academy Trust has had another successful Turing bid.

The Turing Scheme is the UK government’s programme to provide funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world. It supports Global Britain by providing an opportunity for UK organisations from the higher education, further education, vocational education and training and schools sectors to offer young people  life-changing experiences.

This year, pupils in Year 8 from across Matrix schools will be visiting Sweden. Year 10 will be exploring ancient history in Italy. Year 12 students will be travelling around the world to Peru.

We chose ‘Far From Home’ as the name of our 2023-24 Turing project because we are committed to promoting an international outlook with our pupils. For our young people to be successful, we need to do whatever we can to broaden their horizons – and one way of doing this is to take them ‘far from home’. We will be making sure the pupils who are selected to go on these visits will be those that will benefit most from them.

Read our report on last year’s Matrix visit to Japan here: https://matrixacademytrust.co.uk/japan/

Find out more about the Turing scheme here: https://www.turing-scheme.org.uk


November 2023
We have now selected all pupils for our Turing visits, a total of 115 pupils who will be travelling the world with Matrix this year, and have begun the process of purchasing passports for all pupils who need them. We have also booked and confirmed all of our flights! There is lots of organising going on behind the scenes, with each of our Turing Coordinators carefully researching accommodation and itinerary ideas. We are also preparing for our first in person meet-up for our pupils travelling to Rome in January.

Visit dates:
Turing Sweden (Year 8) - 15-22 April 2024
Turing Italy (Year 10) - 23-31 January 2024
Turing Peru (Year 12) - 3-15 July 2024