Before I introduce this to any group, I first:

  • Take a detailed look at previous past examination papers.

  • Link questions to the specification.

  • Read the most recent examination reports.
  • Look at the grade boundaries for each examination and the overall for the subject.

With exam boards under pressure to raise standards, they have made science questioning more difficult, raised grade boundaries and made mark schemes more specific. This makes it even more difficult for pupils to tackle their examination papers. Simply learning the subject is no longer enough.

How to launch it...

I usually create my own question and mark scheme for pupils to attempt as an example.

I give out a template for the exam question and mark scheme, based on their exam board.

This can be done in class or as an extended homework.

What else can be done?

As teachers, we have to 'raise our game' to give our pupils the best chance in examinations.

I find pupils creating their own questions and mark schemes really useful.

Once Completed...

Once all the questions and marks schemes are handed in, you need to check them!

All the questions can be then collated, copied for every member of the group as an exam paper.

Pupils sit paper and then this can be peer marked or marked by yourself.

The author of the questions can come to the front to teach others how to answer the question, explaining their mark scheme. This can be used for any class, regardless of key stage or ability.