Covid-19 Contingency Plan

The priority for Matrix Academy Trust is to protect the health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff. The Trust aims to keep schools as Covid free as possible. They do this by following Government guidelines, Public Health England advice and common sense.

Updates on the Covid-19 pandemic and school responses are on their websites e.g. social distancing. Guidance changes regularly following national and local advice. Parents, pupils and staff are informed of the steps taken e.g. when to wear a face covering.


Information is shared through publications of school letters, social media e.g. Twitter and Instagram and text messages.

As the normal annual events have stopped in many schools information is shared with pupils and parents through different approaches. Virtual events such as parents’ evenings and open evenings are being held to keep the communication link strong between schools and parents.

Health & Safety

A significant amount of money has been spent on purchasing sanitizer, wash stations, increased cleaning services, face masks and all forms of PPE.

Risk assessments for the Trust have been undertaken and these are available below.


There has been a need to change the curriculum because of reduced time in school due to lockdown. Schools have reviewed their curriculum and developed different approaches to the delivery of the curriculum.

During lockdown or when a pupil is self-isolating remote learning packages will be available. Both IT and paper-based approaches will be used to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on each child’s education. Where appropriate Microsoft Teams lessons led by Teachers will be produced.

Safeguarding Arrangements

During lockdown children will be contacted on a regular basis either through Teams or by phone to ensure their wellbeing. Extra Educational Psychologist and counselling time has been sought to support pupils during the pandemic.

Matrix Academy Trust is proud of the support their schools have offered to their children and families.

The actions that Trustees have taken have been to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and pupils within all schools in the Trust.