National Careers Week: Careers Spotlights

Day 1: Construction

The construction industry is booming and in need of a skilled workforce. It’s not just for builders! There are tons of careers in construction, from town planners, to engineers, to commercial managers. Take Go Construct’s Ultimate Personality Quiz to find out which construction personality type you are, or explore their Interactive Careers Map and discover lots of new and exciting careers in construction.

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Day 2: Healthcare

The amazing work of our NHS heroes has inspired a record number of students to apply for nursing. But there’s even more to the NHS than doctors and nurses. Allied Healthcare Professionals are specialists who provide treatment and help to rehabilitate patients; spending their careers helping others live the fullest lives possible. Take a look of some of the fantastic AHP roles, from art and music therapists to osteopaths and radiographers.

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Day 3: The Armed Forces

There are hundreds of jobs in the armed forces that you may never have considered before. Love animals? You could be a Veterinary Technician in the Army. Enjoy swimming? You could be a Mine Clearance Diver in the Royal Navy. Enjoy photography? You could be an Engineering Photographer in the RAF. Discover the different roles in the Army, Royal Navy and RAF.

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Day 4: The Creative Industries

Writer, Director, Animator, Esports Producer…. jobs in the creative industries can be very exciting and span form TV and Film to the Games Industry. You can explore the many different roles on the Screen Skills website. If you are interested, it is never too early to start having a go. Create your own storyboard or have a go at your own stop motion animation.

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Day 5: Engineering

Do you want to make a difference? To improve, create, innovate, make and reimagine our lives? Engineering could be for you. But what type of engineer do you want to be? Engineers don’t just work for car, air and space companies; there are engineers working for TikTok, ASOS and Twitter. Take a look at their roles. Think about what you love: cars, beauty, fashion, the environment, sport, film? These industries all need future engineers like you. Explore more about how you can change the world.

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