Armistice Parade 2023


Date Posted:

November 6, 2023

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In a moving and solemn Armistice Day commemoration, Turves Green Boys’ School joined forces with all other schools from the Matrix Academy Trust. Our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) organised a parade that served as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made for our nation. The event symbolised unity and remembrance, with CCF cadets from all schools displaying discipline and respect as they marched in formation.

Our entire school community, including pupils, teachers, staff and visitors, came together to witness this heart-warming display of solidarity. The event emphasised the core values of this day, respect, gratitude, and remembrance. In a moment of silence, we paid tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for our country, symbolised by the wearing of poppies.

The Armistice Day parade was more than just an event; it was a time for reflection and a chance for our school community to express gratitude to our nation’s servicemen and women, past and present. As we move forward, let us always remember the significance of Armistice Day and the importance of honouring our heroes’ memory.